September 07.
SIZE MATTERS . Raum Für Kunst und Film 

following artistes show their work:

Patrick Weber, Veronika Eberhart, Heti Prack, Christian Egger

live! at the Vernissage: Brooke’s Bedroom

September 09.
Elektro Gönner

DJ night with:
Friedl & Andi Fettkakao

Performing live: Stefanie Sourial

September 10.

first ever screening in Vienna (Austrian Premiere):
My Secret World -The Story of Sarah Records

DJ Costa Caspary

September 11.
Arena Wien 

live shows on the Open Air Stage by:
Ana Threat

Crazy Bitch in A Cave

punk shows, and later Disc Jockeys at the Dreiraum:
Lime Crush
(Washington, DC)

DJ SassyBoy
DJ Mayer

September 12.

live Performers and Disc Jockeys:
Cry Baby 

DJ Phil Spass
DJ Dubais aka Selector Spliffster Nancy

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