John Peel seemed to understand instinctively how political Sarah Records was when making Loveblind by Secret Shine (1993) Single of the Week. and Sarah was political, not in a brutish, striking way but well organized, shrewd – in love with jangly dreamy pop. Sarah’s unique design aesthetic, commitment to socialism and feminism also helped to set them apart from other labels of their time.

Sarah Records was found 1987 by Clare Wadd and Matt Haynes in Bristol. both grew out  of the fanzine scene at a time, having put out zines combined w/ flexidiscs. it seemed a natural step for them to continue by putting out records. their first 100 releases have been 7″ singles. Sarah was a “record company run from a record buyers point of view … you shouldn’t rip off the people who support you” as Wadd told Melody Maker in 1990.

their press sheet (an artistic manifestation itself) for Another Sunny Day’s Anorak City e.p. even states: Sarah 3, UNDISTRIBUTED.

Directed by Lucy Dawkins, My Secret World – The Story Of Sarah Records, is the first feature length documentary to explore this influential and often misunderstood label. Now the label founders, former Sarah band members, music critics and those that have been inspired by the label tell their story.

My Secret World – The Story of Sarah Records will be shown at the Schikaneder in Vienna during the Festkakao, September 10, 2015

The Story of Sarah Records, Links:
homepage | facebook | twitter | youtube channel

Sarah Records:
homepage | twitter | wikipedia | spotify playlist (SARAH 001-099)


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