“Washington DC based riot-surf quartet ” is how Dischord describes Priests. the Band was formed 2012 and has released two tapes, a 7″ and one LP on their own imprint, Sister Polygon Records.

Melanie did an Interview with Daniele from Priests for the very first Fettkakao Fanzine (#1, January 2014). It felt really good to follow Daniele’s thoughts about politics in the way I’ve only experienced by talking to someone face to face, in a conversation. this, for me, might be the most impressive thing about Priests: their honest and direct way to express emotions… and thoughts!

i would also recommend the Fanzine KAG BB – A Conversation Between Katie Alice Greer and Bryony Beyon, which was made during the Priests / Good Throb US Tour 2014.

The Band is performing on September 11th, 2015 at the Dreiraum/ Arena Wien.

Priests Blog | Bandcamp | Sister Polygon | Interview, City Paper | Don Giovanni


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